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East International Restaurant Co., established in 2017, reflects the vision of a culinary pioneer and profound food enthusiast. His passion and commitment drive us to deliver fresh, healthy, and delightful cuisine, committed to serving and enriching communities.

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East-Café, our flagship brand introduced to the Kuwait market in 2017, specializes in breakfast, offering a wide range of healthy wraps, sandwiches, homegrown salads, and a variety of expertly brewed hot and cold coffee. With a dedication to quality ingredients and impeccable taste, it has achieved remarkable success. Currently, we operate two standalone branches and strategically positioned cloud kitchens to serve the entire Kuwait market.

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Enlist (International Cuisine) opened its first casual dine-in restaurant in 2022, expanding our horizons to embrace international flavors. This showcases our culinary expertise to a diverse customer base, strategically located in the heart of Kuwait City and the luxurious Assima Mall, catering to both mall-goers and those seeking an international gastronomic experience.

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Feryal – Lebanese Cuisine: Our commitment to culinary innovation led us to open our second casual dine-in restaurant in 2023, introducing Lebanese Delights. Focused on the rich and aromatic Lebanese cuisine, this concept promises an authentic culinary journey.

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